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Church of Hogwarts

Devout Harry Potter Fans House of Fandom

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Welcome to the Church of Hogwarts!
This is not a "religious" community, like Christianity or Judism; no this is for the devout Potterist, aka: Potterheads, Potterholics, Potterism. This is a community specifically designed for the Potter-Possessed! Devout followers of the Books of Harry Potter. See our many ways to take part in Harry Potter fandom worship!
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This community is open to all ages. Open to all Houses. Please be clean with content. This is a Home to discuss and worship all Harry Potter all the time. Confessions may be made, gospels may be composed, FILKS are a bonus, and try to keep your talk as though you are an evangelist; prayer like. No need to introduce yourself just come on in and have a seat. Express your obsessions. Obsession stories are okay: How Obsessed Are You?
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We have very simple rules!
* Advertising/Announcement Policy
* be clean, no discussions above a PG level
* all topics must be of Harry Potter book/movie origin
* must be able to LOL or ROTFL
* understand that this is all just for HUMOR, SILLY,JOVIAL, CHEESEY FUN
* must know Required Texts </strong>
FanFiction Posting Rules are based on that of hp_fanfiction
1) This is a community for ALL people. Meaning what we like, may not be what you like.
2) Respect, we want that more than anything. If someone likes a fic, let them like it, they have different tastes than you do. If you don't like it you don't have to read it.
3) Feel free to put fics in the community, but Lj cut, lj cut, lj cut.... I must stress, lj cut!!!
4) This is most important, please, no flaming. If somebody writes a fic, and you don't like it then keep it to yourself. All we are is a happy place where we all just want to have fun and write fanfiction. Some people write differently than others, and we need to respect that. Remember to error is to be human, to be an a**whole about someones mistakes or style is to be an arrogant prick or caddy, and we don't like those here at the CoH.
5) Most fanfics are allowed, most pairings, & slash, we accept everything with a rating of G, PG, & PG-13. ABSOLUTEL6Y NO INCEST OR RAPE RELATIONSHIPS WILL BE TOLORATED, NOR WILL SUICIDAL or MASSICISTIC(sp). fics.
6) Did I mention? LJ-CUT .... Sorry, but for the better of the community, and to ensure people are having fun here, we REALLY want you to lj-cut.
8) Please follow this style when posting:
Disclaimers & Reader Warnings:

We welcome: Poetry, Filk, Fanfiction (see rules above) with a rating of G, PG, & PG-13 (NO, R or NC-17) (must Lj cut, or you will be deleted)
, icon designs, decent RP involving gospels or sermons (more like Point-of-view), more to come...

Required texts are:</font>
*Harry Potter and the Sorcerer/Philosopher's Stone
*Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets
*Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
*Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire
*Harry potter and the Order of the Phoenix


HarryPotter.com,JKRowling.com,Hpana.com,Mugglenet, MissMaryPotter.com


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Church of Hogwarts Prayer bythe_duke
Our Potter, who art in Hogwarts,
Harry be thy name.
Thy Hogsmeade come.
Thy spells be done,
With wands as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily Owls.
And forgive us for trespasses,
As we forgot about trespassing on the 3rd floor and got really scared when we saw a really big dog that had three heads and a huge mouth for each head it had...Ron was like "Aaaaaargh"...sorry - where was I?

And lead us not into Peskipiksi Pesternomi,
But deliver us from being Avada kedavra'd.
For Hogwarts is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever and ever.
Amen, BOTHER, BOTHER!-Rev. Miss Mary Potter

Reverand missmarypotter,
Reels Ministry Leader (Sub-Mod) scarhead101